Paul Gartside 18' Racing Gaff Cutter • Cabinversion designed by Dominik Gschwind



This blog is about my experiences at the Boat Building Academy BBA in Lyme Regis (UK) during the march 2012 long course.

My intention is to document the building process for a Paul Gartside 18' Racing Gaff Cutter (No 93).

Originally this sailingboat is drawn as a halvdecked vessel. But the one I'm building has got a cabin with 2 berth which somehow changes the character of this boat to a pocketcruiser.

The design for cabin, interior and deck was part of my 2011 work in my architect office in Zuerich Switzerland and is a result of a serie of emailcontacts with the canadien boatdesigner and boatbuilder Paul Gartside from Shelburne, Nova Scotia ( ).

I would like to take the chance and thank Paul hereby for his agreement of that designtransformation and for all his advices.

Thankful words also go to Alexander Forbes from Seattle, a former rigger from Maine who gave me many worthful feedbacks during the designwork.

Ok... that was the start for this blog on a rainy midsummer-evening here on the southcoast of England...
The plan is that this charming little Gaff Cutter will be launched at the COBB harbour Lyme Regis on december 5th 2012 ...

Let's go for it!

Dominik Gschwind